ShinYeong AHN
ShinYeong AHNExecutive Director, Head of Venture Investment Division Ⅰ
at SBI Investment
Executive Director, Head of Venture Investment Division Ⅰ at SBI Investment
Team Leader of Investment Team at Daesung Private Equity
Accountant at Sedong Accounting Firm

Bachelor's degree in Statistics from Ewha Woman's University
In charge of funds
Lead Fund Manager of 2014 KIF-SBI IT Investment Fund
Lead Fund Manager of 2011 KIF-SBI IT Investment Fund
Co-lead of SBI Global Digital Contents ICT Investment Fund
Co-lead of SBI Growth Ladder KONEX Vitalization Fund
Co-lead of SBI ASEAN Springboard Investment Fund
Introduction of message
Shin-yeong Ahn took her first step in the venture capital sector at Daesung Private Equity in 2003 and has generated excellent returns on investments in more than 40 companies since then. She has shown her forte in investment in turn-around companies particularly in the IT and consumer goods sectors, and has achieved excellent records with DigiTech Systems, Moreens, Access Bio Inc. LDC and I-Sens. By investing in companies with strong fundamentals and being involved in the ongoing day-to-day mangement of her investments, she has enabled her portfolio companies to leverage global expansion, M&A and preparations for going public to generate healthy returns.