NamChul CHOI
NamChul CHOIManaging Director, Head of Venture Investment Division at SBI Investment
Managing Director, Head of Venture Investment Division at SBI Investment
Investment Manager of Finance Investment Division at KT Capital
Investment Division at Yunhap Capital(current Doosan Capital)

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Yonsei University
In charge of funds
Lead Fund Manager Mirae-Changjo SBI ASEAN-M&A Investment Fund
Lead Fund Manager #2 Scientific Technique PEF
Co-lead of SBI ASEAN Springboard Investment Fund
Co-lead of SBI IT Investment Fund
Introduction of message
Nam Chul CHOI started his investment business from 2000 and has successfully executed, as a person in-charge of investment working for new-tech financial companies, over 400 billion of investments composed of over 150 listed/unlisted companies. His investment activities include PI investment as well as operation of various kinds of VC fund and PE fund. He also has a lot of successful exit cases showing high investment performance.
His investment business is based on a company's core intrinsic value (people, technology, competitiveness, etc.). He is doing his best to accomplish joint growth of investor and invested company through formation of a seamless partnership.