Korea’s first venture capital firm sets sights on becoming ‘the best investment company in Asia”

First venture capital company in Korea
SBI Investment KOREA is the first venture capital company established in Korea immediately
following the implementation of the Law on Support for Small and Medium Enterprise Start-ups in Korea in 1986.
By establishing the 1st venture investment cooperative in 1987, which was its 2nd year of operation
our company has led the listing of more than 190 companies in the stock market by operating approximately 7O funds thus far.
Provision of know-how for the growth of venture companies
More than 20 professional venture investment investigators are making evenly distributed investments
over a wide range of industries including IT, healthcare, media/contents, and B2C, etc. through our company.
In particular, since we execute investments at all stages ranging from the initial stage of growth to M&A and the initial public offering,
investment investigators of SBI Investment KOREA can provide the most appropriate value-up know-how for the circumstances of the company to be invested in.
Creation of synergy with global financing companies as members of the SBI Group
The SBI Group is operating securities companies, banks, and venture capital firms, etc. in 22 overseas countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia, as well as in Korea and Japan.
Our company, following the takeover of the management rights of the SBI Group in March 2010, is assisting the overseas expansion of small and medium venture companies including organization of overseas investment funds and expansion of the breadth of the companies to be invested in by maximally utilizing our global network in addition to assertive support at the group level.