Overseas Affiliates
Affiliate Country Description Ownership
SBI Investment Korea Korea Investment 43.61%
SBI Savings Bank Korea Initially invested in May 2002 (formerly Hyundai Swiss Savings Bank) 97.40%
SBI Investment Japan SBI Holdings’ core affiliate 100.00%
SBI China Dalian China Local corporation (head office) 100.00%
SBI Holdings Beijing China Local office -
SBI Holdings Shanghai China Local office -
Tianan Insurance China Invested in July 2010 3.00%
SBI Hong Kong Hong Kong Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (April 2011) -
SW Kingsway Hong Kong Invested in Apr. 2004 2.80%
SBI Holdings Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Local office -
SBI VEN CAPITAL Singapore New Horizon Fund operated 100.00%
SBI Pharmaceuticals MENA Bahrain Local office -
TPBank (formerly Tien Phong Bank) Vietnam Invested by FPT, Vinare, etc. in Aug. 2009 19.90%
FPT Securities Vietnam Invested in Apr. 2011; financial firm under the control of the largest IT group in Vietnam 20.00%
BNI Securities Indonesia Invested in July 2011; securities company under PT bank 25.00%
SBI Royal Securities Cambodia Established in Feb. 2010 81.60%
Phnom Pehn Commercial Bank Cambodia Invested since its establishment in Sep. 2008 47.60%
YAR Bank (formerly Obibank) Russia Invested in June 2011 (formerly Obibank) 50.00%