At present, there are approximately 100 venture capital firms operating in Korea. Amongst them, SBI Investment was Korea’s first venture capital firm and has now been operating for almost 3 decades.
Since SBI Investment launched its venture capital business in 1986, a lot of venture capital businesses have been formed and many of these have subsequently disappeared. ‘Venture capital’ may sound brilliant, but it also brings a heavy burden. ‘Venture capital’ is a form of financing based only on assumptions about the future and their potential culmination. Therefore, it naturally carries a high latent risk. Many of the companies that receive investment will fail to launch an IPO and even those that do have a successful IPO will need a long time to execute it.

Among those 100 or so venture capital firms in Korea we are one of the few, who can investigate the true value of venture businesses, manage their risk and be patient over the long incubation period. Because we understand all this, we have invested in more than 550 venture businesses since 1986. Among them, over 140 were successfully listed on either the Korea Stock Exchange or an appropriate foreign one.

Now, SBI Investment will leverage its investment expertise and extensive overseas networks to help Korea’s venture businesses penetrate the global market. We hope that all our partner businesses will have the opportunity to play a bigger role in the global market.

Thank You.
CEO of SBI Investment
Yoshimi Takahashi