The start-up investment market in South Korea is at a turning point. The number of new venture investment funds as well as start-up investment companies is increasing significantly. The number of venture capital is increasing, which lists shares through initial public offerings and solicits a large amount of capital, as we did thirty years ago. It is a time of quantitative expansion in the start-up investment market.

I believe the most important value which we should pursue at a time like this is sensible, transparent management. It is sensible, transparent management which may be accepted, regardless of whether the details of management are revealed to investors, shareholders or any other persons. Our management staff believes that maintaining a continuing relationship with a lot more investors instead of seizing short-term gains for the company is the only way for us to grow long-term in whatever changes in the circumstances.

We will now not only play a role of helping Korean venture companies enter global markets, but also play a role of a leading company in the quantitative expanding start-up investment sector. For this, our new management will look forward to the coming thirty years, rather than look backwards to our past thirty years, and prepare ourselves more thoroughly. SBI Investment will continue repaying with management results and investment performance, which institutional and individual investors in Korea may accept and be fully satisfied with.

Thank You.
SBI Investment
Joint Representative Director
Junhyo Lee
Eiichiro So