Transitioning from “Japan’s SBI” to the “World’s SBI

SBI Group has been implementing a strategy to become a global company with a strong overseas presence, by developing an extensive global investment structure to take advantage of the economic growth potential of emerging countries in Asia, and other regions.

Development of a Global Business Structure
In 2005, when Japan’s income account balance first exceeded its trade account balance, the SBI Group began to accelerate the development of an investment structure in emerging countries with high growth potential, primarily in Asia, and together with prominent local business partners, established investment funds tailored to the economic conditions of individual countries. As a result, the Group’s assets under management are currently invested in a globally diversified portfolio of investments in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, with a specific focus on Asia. Overseas assets under management have increased to nearly 50% of the total, and through this global investment structure the overseas investment business will be further strengthened, and the overseas financial services business will be developed in Asia and other regions.
Funds Established through Alliances with Prominent Overseas Companies (unit : a million-dollar)
Fund name Launch period Partners Commitment amount
싱가포르 New Horizon Fund May 2005 TEMASEK(Investment company for the Singaporean government) 100 million U.S. dollars
중국 SBI & TH VC Fund Jan. 2008 Tsinghua Holdings (Beijing)
(Investment subsidiary of the Tsinghua University)
34.5 million U.S. dollars
중국 SBI & BDJB China Fund Feb. 2008 Peking University Beida Jade Bird Group (Beijing)
(Strategic investment arm of Peking University)
100 million U.S. dollars
베트남 Vietnam Japan Fund Apr. 2008 FPT (Vietnam’s largest high-tech company) 75.5 million U.S. dollars
대만 SBI & Capital 22 Fund Oct. 2008 Founder of a Taiwanese IT company 22.5 million U.S. dollars
중국 SBI Zhaoxin Fund Mar. 2009 China Merchants Securities (Major general securities
company in China), Resource Capital China (China’s first
private management investment company), China CITIC
Bank (CITIC Group-owned commercial bank)
Offshore: 20.5 million U.S. dollars
Onshore: 10 million U.S. dollars
말레이시아 PNB-SBI ASEAN Gateway Fund Dec. 2009 PNB Equity Resource Corporation
(Malaysian governmental investment management company)
50 million U.S. dollars
브루나이 SBI-Islamic Fund June 2010 Brunei Darussalam, Ministry of Finance 59.5 million U.S. dollars
미국 Jefferies-SBI USA Fund June 2010 Jefferies Group (Major U.S. securities company) 50 million U.S. dollars
미국 SBI-Jefferies Asia Fund July 2010 Jefferies Group(Major U.S. securities company) 150 million U.S. dollars
러시아 SBI-METROPOL Investment Fund Nov. 2010 IFC METROPOL(Major integrated financial group in Russia) 100 million U.S. dollars
아부다비 INVEST AD/SBI TURKEY FUND May 2011 Invest AD(Subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Council) 100 million U.S. dollars
대만 SNSI Fund July 2011 Shin Kong Group (Major financial group in Taiwan)
Nan Fung Group (Major real estate developer in Hong Kong)
18 million U.S. dollars
인도 EW SBI Crossover Fund May 2012 Edelweiss Financial Services
(Integrated financial services company in India)
100 million U.S. dollars
중국 Fudan University Fund June 2012 Fudan Forward (Shanghai) Offshore : 33.5 million U.S. dollars
Onshore : 18 million U.S. dollars
싱가포르 Shanghai Yidian Fund Dec. 2012 Shanghai Yidian Holding
(Large state-owned information company directly under the Shanghai Municipal Government)
33 million U.S. dollars
인도 Nirvana Digital India Fund Mar. 2013 Founding family of Patni Computer Systems Offshore : 15 million U.S. dollars
Onshore : 15 million U.S. dollars
인도 Mahindra Satyam Fund Sept. 2013 Mahindra Satyam
(Comprehensive IT service company of the Mahindra Group, one of the top business houses based in India)
50 million U.S. dollars
러시아 SBI-FMO Asia Financial
Services Fund
Oct. 2013 FMO(Bilateral private sector development bank in the Netherlands) Up to 100-120 million U.S. dollars